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[UPDATED 28 Dec 2016] 100+ Photos & Videos of FEMALE SOLDIERS Whose Looks Could Kill

1. Men Jiahui, 23, was once one of the most popular models in the 11th CCTV model contest. In fact, she was a well-known car model in China. After graduating from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology in July 2014, she joined the army to fulfill her dream of becoming a female People’s Liberation Army honor guard. In the 3rd of September 2015 V-Day parade, this pretty girl made her debut with 50 other female honor guard members. 2. ... [Read more]

October 9, 2015

[UPDATED 25 Aug 2016] 17 GORGEOUS GUYS & GIRLS in Jobs You Least Expect

Who would've thought an ice cream girl, a lady butcher, a cake-maker, a KFC manager, a mushroom farmer, a dumpling shop owner, a bean curd seller, a fruits and vegetables seller, an undertaker, a McDonald's counter girl, a street cleaner, a nurse, a security guard, a cafeteria worker, a supermarket worker and a taxi driver could be so HOT! ... [Read more]

June 28, 2015