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9 Brilliant SHORT ANIMATIONS That Will Delight You (Part 3)

by Editor in Animations

7. X-Story – A short animation that is the perfect mix of Akira and Indiana Jones 8. Curiosity: Exploration and Discovery by Georgina Venning from the Arts University Bournemouth is an enlightening stop-motion video about curiosity 9. One String – Made with a single piece of blue yarn, ... [Read more]

[UPDATED 28 Dec 2016] 100+ Photos & Videos of FEMALE SOLDIERS Whose Looks Could Kill

by Editor in Beautiful People

1. Men Jiahui, 23, was once one of the most popular models in the 11th CCTV model contest. In fact, she was a well-known car model in China. After graduating from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology in July 2014, she joined the army to fulfill her dream of becoming a female People’s Liberation Army honor guard. In the 3rd of September 2015 V-Day parade, this pretty girl made her debut with 50 other female honor guard members. 2. ... [Read more]




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